MIUMI – Empat tahanan Sunni telah dikabarkan bahwa mereka akan segera digantung pada hari Sabtu 21 September 2013.

Mereka dijatuhi hukuman pada November 2012, dalam kasus yang melibatkan total sepuluh tahanan. Selama proses pengadilan, mereka ditutup matanya, dilipat, diborgol, dan pergelangan kaki dibelenggu. Mereka tidak diberikan seorang pengacara. Dan hanya dalam sepuluh menit, pengadilan memvonis hukuman mati kepada mereka semua.

Enam dari tahanan telah dieksekusi pada Desember 2012 lalu. Sisa empat tahanan ini dikabarkan akan dieksekusi dalam minggu ini.

Meskipun tanggal pelaksanaan telah ditentukan (21 September 2013), pemerintah Iran masih mungkin untuk mengeluarkan perintah eksekusi hukuman mati setiap saat. Hingga berita ini diturunkan, berdasarkan laporan ada kemungkinan bahwa para tahanan bisa saja dieksekusi dini, yaitu Kamis pagi.

Keempat tahanan yang akan menghadapi eksekusi adalah Kamal Malaie, Jahangir Dehghani, Jamshed Dehghani dan Hamed Ahmadi. Mereka menghadapi tuduhan seperti ‘Moharabeh’ (permusuhan negara / agama). Dua dari tahanan, Jamshed dan Jahangir Dehghani, ditangkap setelah membagikan buku dan selebaran tentang Islam Sunni.

Anda dapat membaca surat dari empat tahanan mana mereka berbicara tentang penderitaan mereka, ditujukan kepada Sekretaris Jenderal PBB Ban Ki-moon ‘s Komisaris Tinggi untuk Hak Asasi Manusia berikut ini.

September 2013

[Report has been sent to the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon ‘s High Commissioner for Human Rights]

We are Jamshed Dehgani, Jahangir Dehghani, Kamal Malaie, and Hamid Ahmadi. We are Sunni political prisoners in Qazil Hesar prison, and we want to convey this message to the whole world.

We have spent almost four and a half years in prison in Iran, just because we respect our religion, went to the mosque and  defended the Sunni beliefs, and because of this they label us ‘Mohareb’ [enemy of the state]. We only wanted to protect our religion against people who insult it, such as Mr Daneshaman and his clergy. In edition 13 of the Green Magazine, whose director is Ebrahim Hatami, they said all Sunnis are ‘bastards’ and they insulted and slandered the second Caliph and the Mother of the Believers Aisha (May Allah be pleased with them both). Even if they say bad things the government does not stop them and they are free. We have no legal rights to complain. Over the past few years we have been insulted and harassed every day in prison.

On February 12, 2011 we appeared in court; blindfolded, handcuffed, and with cuffs on our ankles. We were not given an attorney, and within ten minutes, ten of us were given a death sentence by Judge Mohammad Mogheseh.

On the 13 of November, 2012, we were transferred to Qazil Hesar prison, to be executed. After around 40 days, six of us were killed. Three of those who died had memorised the entire Qur’aan. The names of those who were executed were Bahram Ahmadi, Mohammad Zahir Bahmini, Hushyar Mohammadi, Kayvon Zand Karimi, A. Rahimi, and B.Rahimi.

On the 27th of December 2012, Iran executed six of them, they gave them false charges of illegal drugs and rape. When all they had done was spread the word about Sunni Islam and defended their Sunni beliefs. Bahram Ahmadi, was one of the six that was executed. He was under 18 when he was arrested. They did not give any of the six, even one family visitation or even a phone call before they executed them. They did not even return their bodies to their families after they executed them.

On the 19th of March, 2013, we got a few people together and decided to start a hunger strike, to make the whole world hear us. We were on hunger strike for one month. What do we want to make us stop the hunger strike? First we want to break down the first charge, and request a public hearing. We want everyone to know about our charges and what is happening to us. Why isn’t our case public?

We have been in Qazil Hesar prison for 11 months. We have been to different cells many times , and they have brought us to solitary confinement to prepare for our execution.

Now we ask all the Muslims around the world, all the international organizations, and anyone who works on political cases, especially in Iran, to help us. We do not have all the social media websites that the youth have, and we can not tell the world to stop the execution of innocent people.

We have been given the news that we could be executed in the next two weeks.

Mr Ban Ki-Moon, Mr Ahmed Shaheed, Mr Ahmadinejad Nahl, Sunni youth of Iran, save our innocent blood before we are executed.

Thank you,
Four prisoners awaiting execution.
Unit 3, Qazel Hesar prison

Semoga Allah berikan balasan yang terbaik kepada para pejuang kebenaran, menegakkan Islam yang lurus di muka bumi ini. aamiin. (supportmybrothers.weebly.com/Fath)

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